Beauty Enhancement Services

Spatini Skin Lounge Services

Find personalized beauty treatments for any need and every occasion at the lounge. We can customize the perfect treatment plan that will fit your needs and give you lasting results.

“Eyes Love It” - Lashes and Brows

Keratin Lash Lifting


"Your eyes will love it!!
One-Shot Keratin lash lift is an excellent alternative to extensions and our most requested service from our clients. It only takes 30-45 minutes, and you get gorgeous lashes that will last for weeks. Lash lifting uses silicon pads at the bases so that you get a better lifting effect.

Say goodbye to your lash curlers...Say HELLO to One-Shot Keratin Lash Lift!!!
with Plant Based Lash Color Boost
Lash Enhancement / Eyeliner

The perfect treatment for an eye-opening effect!

A lash enhancement tattoo creates a thin black line along the upper lash line of the eyes. This treatment creates the illusion of fuller lashes and defines the shape of your eyes. Results generally last between 2 to 4 years.
$399.00 (1 hour and 30-minute session)

Brow Henna

Eyebrow Henna
Men’s Brows with Henna or with Plant Based Lash Color Boost

Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination
The latest hot new trend in eyebrow straightening systems, brow lamination works by realigning hair growth in a uniform direction. It's a terrific alternative to Microblading and works well on men and anyone looking to improve the appearance of their brows. The result is full and fluffy brows with perfect symmetry.
with Plant Based Brow Color Boost
4K Pure Gold Mask Eye Brightener

Lustrous Lip Filler

Needless Lip injections with Hyaluron Pen. Non-invasive, Vegan augmentation using a high pressurized device with spring technology to insert Pure Hyaloronic Acid Filler into the lips to give volume and symmetry. All appointments are single session to ensure proper form and safe volume buildup.

For longer retention, 2ML + is suggested to achieve your desired kiss kiss lip enhancement !

Pre and Post: Drink lots of water!

Kiss BB LIP Stain

Sheer Lip tint for the Short Term! The colored Chapstick effect lasts about 2-3 weeks. The Perfect service for anyone who is unsure about long term lip color & color choice

Kiss Lip Stain product is applied with NANO needles (less invasive) Retention & brightness can be extended when applied w PMU machine Device. 3 -4 sessions suggested

(1 -2 weeks apart between in relation to overall health of the lips)

Baddie Sculpt


Pricing: Call

Lose inches while getting an hour glass shape. Baddie sculpting tightens skin, eliminates excessive stubborn fat, and contours the body. This procedure is done with low frequencies, red light therapy, a super light vacuum therapy, and ultrasonic cavitation. All of these will be performed within a 60 minute session. They’re all noninvasive, painless, and require no downtime. This service can be done on the following areas: arms, legs, abdominal, and back.

Bottom Lashes


Pricing: Call

Complete the set with up to 25 subtle bottom lash extensions per eye. Perfect for actors and professionals who want to look their best while maintaining a fresh, makeup-free look.