About Spatini Skin Lounge

Spatini Skin Lounge is a modern themed business on the Pasadena scene that is making waves in beauty events and education. At its core, Spatini is a place for transformation, whether you are someone looking to enhance your natural beauty through one of our services or looking to evolve as a PMU Artist, Body Contour Specialist or Esthetician through one of Spatinis advanced education programs.

Spatinis multi-skilled, result-driven technicians offer the latest trends in professional beauty including: PMU/ Microblading, Body Contouring, Facials, Cosmetic Medicine, and Med Spa Treatments. Spatini strives to make beauty effortless, affordable, and approachable for all. Beyond its repertoire of services, Spatini is also an exciting place for beauty-savvy locals to meet, mingle, and make connections.

About owner
Spatini Skin Lounge is owned and led by PMU Artist, Medical Esthetician, and Educator, Pauline Murillo

Hey Everyone,
Thanks for visiting.
After experiencing the pandemic, I’m sure I speak for a lot of people who have decided that this is their time, these are the years of YES!
This should inspire you to saying YES to YOU and all the things you’ve been wanting to try, which includes beauty services.
I often hear my clients say “I’ve always wanted to try “____” .
Allow me to help you choose the perfect fit for your face and body so that you can experience the results you’ve always desired.

If you are someone who is interested in a service like a natural skin enhancement and having the “no-makeup look”, or if you want to completely take your skin and body to the next level… I'm here to personalize one of our Timeless Beauty Services!

Throughout my 20+ career, I’ve dedicated myself to learning, growing and creating.
I take great pride in knowing that my work and education can directly impact someone’s self-confidence and how they feel about their future.

My commitment to knowledge and improvement are an essential part of my life and my business, so I will maintain the same dedication to all my future students who are ready to elevate in the world of Aesthetics and PMU.
I’m here to help you unleash your talents and monetize your skills to keep you a cut-above in this industry, all while remaining honest and integral.

All Ages and Genders Welcome

Cheers to Timeless Beauty


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