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“Eyes Love It” - to Lash Lift and Brow Lamination

Keratin Lash Lifting


"Your eyes will love it!!
Our natural lash lift is an excellent alternative to lash extensions. In under 30 to 45 min you’ll get gorgeous lashes that will last for weeks. Lash lifting uses silicone pads at the base your natural lashes. This will help to raise your natural lashes at the base. The results are longer, fuller looking lashes.
Say goodbye to your lash curlers...Say HELLO to the Keratin Lash Lift!!

Try our Lash Lift and Tint option
Our plant based lash tint can last up

to 5-6 weeks.
Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Duo to give both your lashes and brows a lift
with Plant Based Lash Color Boost
Lash Enhancement / Eyeliner

The perfect treatment for an eye-opening effect!

A lash enhancement tattoo creates a thin black line along the upper lash line of the eyes. This treatment creates the illusion of fuller lashes and defines the shape of your eyes. Results generally last between 2 to 4 years.
(1 hour and 30-minute session)

Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination
For brows and beyond try our brow lift which uses a straightening system that aligns your hair in its directional growth. It's a terrific alternative to Microblading.
The goal is to elevate your natural brow shape to achieve the thick brow look
with Plant Based Brow Color Boost
4K Pure Gold Mask Eye Brightener